“Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the World” - Nelson Mandela.

Higher education implies not just the acquisition of degrees but also developing the skills required to succeed in the competitive globalised environment. Sahyadri college of Arts and Commerce a premier in stitation in the field of higher educatrion the college has completed more than 12 glorious years of educating young mind. We providing courses like B.Com, BBA, BCA, Skill Development. We at Sahyadri College offer our students quality education along with opportunities for multi-dimensional personality development. We provide a conducive atmosphere and proper infrastructure for research thereby encouraging students to explore the frontiers of knowledge. An educational institute is a temple of learning and character buliding. It has a profound role to play in molding an impressionable mind a formless society and finally in shaping the destiny of a nation. It is a job of the highest responsibility the responsibility of shaping thoughts. We encourage the students to develop their talent by providing excellent infrastry and training by experts in Academic, Sports and Cultural activities. We aim to create successful professionals. Who are also responsible citizens. The academic Co-curricular and Extra-curricular achievements of our students are indeed commondable. Many congratulations to everyone who has brought laurels to the college. The faculty and the administrative staff of our college have been the guiding and supportive factors that gave the strength to yours wings. Our green in to atives and community services programmes sensitize students to the need of the world around them.

I wish you all the best.




To provide an atmosphere of learning and encouragement to all students in motivate students towards achieving excellence in academic and fields.

To provide opportunities for the development of skills, capabilities
and talents f learning and encouragement to all students in motivate students towards achieving.

To provide strong basis for learning atmosphere of learning and encouragement towards to all students in motivate students achieving excellence.

Inpart value - based holistic learning by innovative learning practices to match the f learning and encouragement to all students in motivate students towards global standards.


Sahyadri college of Arts and Commerce will be a centre of Excellence Empowerment through Education in terms of development

of intellect, skills, ethics, value and culture of the global society through conventional and non conventional education.


To facilitate the purusit of academic excellence.

To aim at overall personality development of the students through curricular, co-curricular and extra-curricular activities.

To impart qualitative and valuable service to all those need it the most.

To attain community and social development through education. To foster in stsudents a commitment towards society and the nation